XT10 Telescope

I recently got an Orion XT10 telescope because I have been wanting to try out astrophotography and I have had an interest in the history of Dobsonian telescopes. 

Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of opportunities to test drive it yet because of weather conditions, but hopefully in the next few weeks more opportunities will come around. For the few times that I have been able to take it out, I have been incredibly impressed. As a novice with telescopes, I was pleased with all of the information that Orion provided in regards to calibrating and assembling the telescope. Along with the 35mm eyepiece that comes with the telescope, I have been trying out a 2x Shorty Lens that is definitely proving to be worthwhile. 

Once the weather clears up I am going to try mounting my camera and taking some photographs. From what I have read, it's a fairly challenging subject for photography so I am looking forward to figuring it out.

Anyone interested in the history of telescopes should definitely see "400 Years of the Telescope" which is a great documentary about the ideas that the telescope helped form and the people who developed them.